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Working at Coventry University

Coventry University is a diverse and exciting place to work and we share the enthusiasm of our staff and students to be the best at whatever they choose to do. As one of the City’s biggest employers, we offer some impressive benefits for our staff and are committed to delivering the very best opportunities. We have a comprehensive training, personal and professional development programme that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow in their careers. There are pension schemes, a generous holiday allowance and flexible working opportunities as well as lifestyle benefits including childcare vouchers, discounted membership to the £4 million sports and recreation centre and schemes such as Cycle to Work and the CU Car Share initiative.

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Student Engagement Centre (SEC)

SEC Advisor speaking on the phone

Who Are We

The Student Engagement Centre has a team of trained Customer Service Advisers (CSAs) who are here to support the students during their time at Coventry University. The CSAs are here to help and ensure that students have the best opportunities to succeed in their studies by giving them advice and guidance when needed.

We are committed to supporting every student, so no matter if you are a Fresher, just starting your university life, or you are a continuing student and have been here for some time now, you can expect a call from our dedicated Student Engagement Team to help stay on track with your studies when needed.

 +44 (0) 24 7765 6565

 Mon - Fri 8am-8pm (term time)

Mon - Fri 8am-5pm (non term time)

About Us


SEC TheHub

What do we do?

Our Student Engagement Centre (SEC) will monitor students’ engagement and attendance. Our team will give students a call if they notice a reduction in their engagement and attendance. The aim of the call from us will be to discuss the reason for the reduction in attendance or engagement on their course. We want to ensure that they are getting the best experience at university by offering a guiding hand if they are in need of additional support. As a University we care for our students and their welfare.

The following list includes some of the support our team offers:
  • Support for students (Home and EU) when their engagement or attendance dips.
  • Online Enrolment queries (where to go to and how to enrol).
  • Confirmation of the entitlement to the FLYING start (no hidden extras) and where to collect them from.
  • How to use Touchpoints on campus and resolve issues with access to touchpoints.
  • How/where to obtain ID card for new students and how to obtain a replacement card.
  • How to obtain a Student Status Letters/Document requirements.
  • What welfare support is available on campus and how to access this support.
  • How to register for an Add+Vantage module or get career support.
  • Exam and timetable enquiries.
  • Accommodation enquiries.
  • Information relating to student finance and funding support.

The Student Engagement Centre is a great idea, it’s very relaxed and I found out information that I wouldn't have otherwise known without the call.

Student who benefited from our service


My enthusiasm for my role stems from my belief in the power of education. Education is the tool that enables us to make the changes we want to see within ourselves. I am in a pivotal position to assist individuals from different backgrounds and cultures become the pioneers who will shape our future.

Rashad (SEC Advisor)



How our Student Engagement Centre (SEC) benefits our students

Students are at the heart of everything we do and that is why we have brought in this service, to enhance the student experience and support them when needed.

We can be contacted:

Monday to Friday 8am-8pm (term time)

Monday to Friday 8am-5pm (non term time) 

SEC Inside TheHUb

The Information Points will offer the face to face service for the student’s enquiries and the Student Engagement Centre will provide the online and telephone support to compliment an all-round approach for students.

SEC Inside TheHub

The SEC will not only be available to support students attendance and engagement it will also undertake pre-arrival calls to new students ensuring they have a seamless welcome to our University. We will provide a friendly and approachable service so that students can contact us whenever they have a concern. Our ethos in the SEC and Information Points is to resolve queries from start to finish and only pass to specialist services when necessary.



 Engagement and attendance calls

Our engagement policy is designed to safeguard all students, no matter how high their attendance. To measure engagement levels we use ‘Learner Analytics’. This is the title we have given to any recordable data that we collect on a student and process in order to provide insight into how and when we best support them during their studies.

When a student’s engagement appears low, be rest assured that our team will not have any preconceived judgments before phoning a student. Our expectation is that our team will actively listen and understand the student’s needs to identify individually tailored support.

Our attendance policy expects all students to engage in 100% of timetabled activities, and arrive on time. If students cannot attend, they must inform their Faculty Registry so they can support them as necessary.

As a University we know that good attendance leads to successful achievement, so our team will check student attendance to identify if students need additional support. Often, lack of attendance is the first sign that a student is not happy and requires our help. Phoning students is our opportunity to identify students who need support from the beginning.

Our team works closely with other departments to support the students with any queries they may have and further help them to be successful on their course.


 Links with Faculty and Registry

To help our students we work closely with their faculty registry. As students will be attending the faculty timetabled sessions daily and reporting any absences to them it is imperative we share information.

The SEC will send weekly reports to the faculty detailing engagement levels. This information will be used to enhance the student experience and offer further support.

All sensitive information can be excluded from our reports. If a student wishes their circumstance not to be shared it will remain confidential.


 Touchpoint use

Touchpoints open 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the class start time. Touchpoints will not register attendance at the end of a class.


Students' experience of our service

The Student Engagement Centre is proving to be a great success to welcome new students to Coventry. Below is some of the feedback we have received:

The Student Engagement Centre is a great idea, it’s very relaxed and I found out information that I wouldn't have otherwise known without the call.

This is very good for students like me who are nervous before coming to the university, it is very welcoming and caring.

So informative. I’ve learnt more about the university through the call. It’s great you call new students - it’s a very friendly service.

I’m glad that you are calling students and making sure they are okay. Although I am confident I know what I am doing, it’s a great service for students who are less confident and need the reassurance.

This service is ‘amazing’

This is a wonderful scheme; makes you feel welcome; information was helpful because it reminded me of the key dates and I enjoyed chatting like this.

I really like this service; I don't know any other university who offer this service and it is helpful.

It was great to have someone check if we were ok, not just ask me my grades. You seem really student focused and it’s great for me as I came through clearing and need as much information as possible because I haven’t done much research. It was very easy to talk to someone and I felt comfortable asking questions. Very happy with the service.

I really enjoyed this call, it was very nice and easy to talk to your team. I’m so much happier about coming to university now, really excited. It’s good you’re so student service focused, it may have just been a phone call but it really helped relieve some of my worries about joining Coventry in September. Great service.

The call was very helpful, their mother added. It is very good that you took the time to explain everything and talk to my son. It’s great you took them through everything like a step by step guide.

Staff Values

SEC through the eyes of our team

Although we are confident we employ the right people and manage a great service we asked some of our team how they felt about helping our students:

Everyone has something that stirs their passion. Some find theirs in numbers, others in athletics. My philosophy of education is that every student should have the right to learn and get a quality education. I have a pivotal and rewarding role as I get to help the student from the start of their university journey to graduation and beyond. Working for an establishment that pins its values on support, trust, integrity and respect whilst valuing diversity can help ensure a student to develop personally and professionally. My passion is to engage and maintain an environment that possesses technical, professional knowledge and the experience to take students from different levels and backgrounds and help them develop. I have a strong desire to continually change and improve to ensure the student is well equipped for a successful career - Mohammad.

Having endured three years studying towards a Bachelors degree elsewhere (not at Coventry), I understand the academic and personal challenges that students can face. I am proud to be surrounded by colleagues who are passionate about delivering high quality support to all students regardless of their background. I aim to deliver the same standard of service as my peers - Victoria.

Supporting students can be challenging yet very rewarding. It is about creating a happy and safe environment for students which is very significant in order for students to fulfil their academic needs and reach their potential. I believe working with and supporting students provides opportunities for customer services advisors to rethink how best to create effective learning environments. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to make teaching and learning more innovative, accessible and authentic, creating a great setting for students. The ability to engage and make contact with students in a friendly and professional way helps deliver excellent customer service - Khasiba.

I have a passion for supporting students because I feel that we owe it to them. These students have chosen to come to our University over other Universities for a reason. We as staff need to strive to meet their expectations and support them outstandingly in the years they are with us. Student life is not easy and most students struggle. Therefore, by delivering excellent service to them, we can make their studies worthwhile. I believe my role is very important because it provides that care for them from the very first start. Our lines are always open for all our students - Afsana.