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Coventry University is a diverse and exciting place to work and we share the enthusiasm of our staff and students to be the best at whatever they choose to do. As one of the City’s biggest employers, we offer some impressive benefits for our staff and are committed to delivering the very best opportunities. We have a comprehensive training, personal and professional development programme that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow in their careers. There are pension schemes, a generous holiday allowance and flexible working opportunities as well as lifestyle benefits including childcare vouchers, discounted membership to the £4 million sports and recreation centre and schemes such as Cycle to Work and the CU Car Share initiative.

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Research Studentships

Funded PhD Opportunities

As part of our investment in research Coventry University is offering funded PhD studentship opportunities, working with our world leading Professors and research teams in the following areas:

Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

Developing a formal manufacturing ontology to support knowledge sharing across multiple manufacturing domains (closing date: ongoing)

Development of a ‘Virtual Weld Predictor’ (VWP) (closing date: ongoing)

Applied Biological and Exercise Sciences

Ageing & Sarcopenia - Faster, higher, older: multidisciplinary research into the effects of age-related sarcopenia (Closing date: May 23rd)

PhD studentship in Clinical Exercise Physiology – Investigating the acute exercise response in end-stage renal disease; from theory to practice (Closing date: May 23rd)

Effect of Hypoxia (Low Oxygen) on Macrophage Gene Expression - Development of New Hypoxia Targeted Gene Therapy Strategies (Closing date: ongoing)

Applied Mathematics and Control

Numerical magnetohydynamics on the stability analysis of liquid metal batteries (closing date: ongoing)

Statistical physics of complex systems (closing date: ongoing)


Robot behavioural learning using interaction with a caregiver (closing date: ongoing)

Hybrid Intelligent fusion for meeting feedback from affective state of participants (closing date: ongoing)

Robot homing deeply reinforced by another robot (closing date: ongoing)

Ambient Intelligent Systems for Modelling Distributed Cognition in Dementia Care (closing date: ongoing)

Integrating Biometrics and Public Key Infrastructure (closing date: ongoing)

Computing Electronics and Mathematics

Intelligent Environmental Control Using Deep Neural Network and Reinforcement Learning (closing date: ongoing)

Dance Research

Dancing in extremis: movement-based performance and traumatic experience (closing date: May 27th)

ICH and contemporary performance: a legal exploration (closing date: May 27th)

People Dancing: changing perceptions through inclusion and intervention (closing date: May 27th)

Screens, mediation and screen dance (closing date: May 27th)

Tracing Dance Practice: Cultural transmissions of embodied knowledge (closing date: May 27th)

Virtual dance: an exploration of choreographic thinking and objects (closing date: May 27th)

Copyright and choreography: a UK based historical investigation (closing date: May 27th)

Engineering, Environment & Computing

Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in extreme magnetic fields (closing date: ongoing)

Ultrasonic treatment of waste pozzolans to improve cementitious property of binders (closing date: ongoing)

UHPFRC Protective Structures against Impact and Blast (closing date: ongoing)

Thermal behaviour of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (closing date: ongoing)

Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams against Torsion (closing date: ongoing)

Non-invasive Damage Detection & Classification of the Bond Beneath Overlays in Pavements. A pilot study (Closing date: 30th June for Overseas Applicants / 31st August for UK/EU Applicants)

Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanics

Advanced oil-water separation monitoring for enhanced oil recovery (Closing date: May 23rd)

Smart Tanks for Space (Closing date: May 31st)

Modelling and measurement of oil-water two-phase flows (Closing date: May 31st)

Novel remote interrogation technique for flow measurements in a subsea environment using optical fibre technology (Closing date: May 31st)

Monitoring techniques for CO2/brine dissolution in wellbores (Closing date: May 31st)

Low Impact Buildings

Active living envelopes (closing date: ongoing)

Evaluating the quality of the internal environment in UK higher education buildings (closing date: ongoing)

Paving elements using the novel Aer-Tech material (closing date: ongoing)

Development of cold-formed steel elements for sustainable building solutions (closing date: ongoing)

Assessing the mechanical stability of earthen structures by Yield Design Modeling (YDM) (closing date: ongoing)

Investigation of a novel light-weight sustainable cementitious material (closing date: ongoing)

Building better schools – perceptions of internal comfort criteria (closing date: ongoing)

Specialist conductive coating anode system for cathodic protection of steel in concrete structures (closing date: ongoing)

Manufacturing and Materials Engineering

PhD studentships opportunities in collaboration with the International Joint Research Centre in Nuclear Safety (closing date: ongoing)

Sustainable Computerized Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining technologies (closing date: ongoing)

Plasticity Length-scale Effects Fundamentals: Investigate dislocation generation and mobility as a function of applied stress distribution and stacking fault energy (closing date: ongoing)

Effect of microstructure and texture on crack propagation and residual stress stability in complex fatigue loading environments (closing date: ongoing)

Mobility & Transport

CFD modelling of swirling flows in automotive aftertreatment systems (closing date: ongoing)

Modelling flow and pressure losses in gasoline particulate filters (closing date: ongoing)

Wheel force estimation and control allocation using strain gauge measurements (closing date: ongoing)

Flight Performance & Handling Qualities Assessment of Frederick Lanchester’s 1897 Aeromachine (closing date: ongoing)

Human Centred Design of Angle of Attack (AoA) Systems (closing date: ongoing)

Wheel force estimation and control allocation using strain gauge measurements (closing date: ongoing)

Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement

PhD Scholarships in the fields of Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement (closing date: May 15th)

Technology Enabled Health

The role of social networks in the self-management of long-term conditions. (closing date: 31 May 2016)

Development and evaluation of an online Mindfulness based stress reduction course for women with chronic pelvic pain: A feasibility study(closing date: 31 May 2016)

Co-creation of an e-platform to provide social support for teenagers with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). (closing date: 31 May 2016)

Home hazard modification and falls prevention: a feasibility pilot with process evaluation and testing of an app to support behaviour change(closing date: 31 May 2016)

Establishing and validating a visual arts-based mobile health solution to promote brain health and well-being in frail elderly(closing date: 31 May 2016)

Development of an online peer social support intervention for infant feeding(closing date: 31 May 2016)

Establishing best-practice in post-mortem memento photography after perinatal loss. (closing date: 31 May 2016)

The experiences and needs of adult siblings of a brother/sister diagnosed with a non-inherited genetic condition as they reach parenthood(closing date: 31 May 2016)

The use and outcomes of non-instructed advocacy with children and young people with complex communication needs(closing date: 31 May 2016) 

A life course approach to the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children and young people with learning disabilities(closing date: 31 May 2016) 

Young Disabled LGBT People (aged 16-25): Exploring the rights, identities and psychosocial needs of a marginalised community. (closing date: 31 May 2016)

The economic evaluation of extensions in the role of community pharmacists into non-dispensing healthcare services. (closing date: 31 May 2016)

Analysing the validity and appropriateness of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Guidelines for measuring drug costs in cost-effectiveness studies. (closing date: 31 May 2016)

A comparison of the characteristics of European pharmaceutical systems: factors influencing their origin, development, characteristics and performance. (closing date: 31 May 2016)

Trust, Peace and Social Relations

The role and impact of 3FF in fostering peaceful relations (closing date: 20th May)

Self-Funded PhDs

Coventry University also offers a range of self funded PhDs.

Advanced manufacturing and engineering

Assessing strength of joints for high pressure vessels (closing date: ongoing)

Engineering, Environment & Computing

Assessing the spatiotemporal variability of environmental parameters for oil spill modelling in the Bonny River Channel (closing date: ongoing)

A personalised healthy eating recommendation system based on ambient aware food selection modelling using computational intelligence approaches (closing date: ongoing)

Task-specific recommender system for retrieval and reengineering of code (closing date: ongoing)

Real-Time User Sentiment Prediction for Ambient Aware Personalised Recommendation Systems using Deep Learning Spatial-Temporal Models (closing date: ongoing)

Services Recommendations Based on a Dynamic IoS Data Driven Method (closing date: ongoing)

Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanics

Edge Mining applied to Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring (closing date: ongoing)

Manufacturing and Materials engineering

A fundamental study into novel methods to selectively metallise materials using a magnetic field to enable more sustainable processing in high value manufacturing sectors (closing date: ongoing)

Mobility & Transport

Passive Fuel Cell Hybridisation for Electric Vehicles (closing date: ongoing)

Analysis of the barriers to women in transport (closing date: ongoing)

Behavioural validity and reliability of driving simulation (closing date: ongoing)

Developing trust in automated vehicles (closing date: ongoing)

Creating artefacts out of automotive obsolescence (closing date: ongoing)

Investigation of the inclusiveness of the design of new, green transport systems, services and infrastructure (closing date: ongoing)

Investigation of the current and future mobility requirements of older travellers (closing date: ongoing)

Investigation of the requirements of future drivers in future driving scenarios (closing date: ongoing)

Measuring the quality of the journey experience of people who make complex trips (closing date: ongoing)

Motion sickness in automated vehicles – Designing for non-driving tasks (closing date: ongoing)

Passenger Comfort in the Era of Shared and Automated Mobility (closing date: ongoing)

Role of the visual appearance in public acceptance of automated vehicles (closing date: ongoing)

PhD studentship in high performing electric motors (closing date: ongoing)

Planetary gearboxes Prognosis and Diagnosis (closing date: 31 May 2016)